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Welcome to BIRDING BUENOS AIRES, a website meant to give you the most important information and tips about birdwatching and nature highlights of this amazing city and its surroundings, offering you the opportunity of touring the area with the best birding guides.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires and want to experience the unexpected nature spots in store for you, this is your chance to discover a face of it that many tourists do not usually notice.

We offer birdwatching tours to the main birding hotspots in the region (specialized in the area of Buenos Aires and the surroundings) and to some of Argentina’s top birding destinations. Our tours are meant for all kind of budgets and necessities, for all nature lovers and birdwatchers from principiants to experts, and are carried out with a special emphasis in not disturbing the birds and nature in general, with small groups and personalized treatment and without the use of methods that can stress the birds. We also have expertise in all flora and fauna of the area and offer custom tours for butterfly lovers. See more information about our tours in the Tours.

Contact us for further comments or consultation about the tours and birdwatching in Argentina, and also you can visit us on Facebook where we post news about our birding outings.

Hoping this information can be useful for you to plan your next trip to Buenos Aires, we look forward to join you as your birding tour guides and companions.

Thank you and good birding!

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Recommended Books and Websites

Although there aren´t yet too many options regarding field guides for this part of South America, some very good works have been made and among them we thoroughly recommend the following ones:
« Birds of Argentina & Uruguay »
« Birds of South America »
« Field guide to the Songbirds of South America »

Also there are three websites that, among many others, can be very helpful for your southern South American birding journey.