Recommended Books
and Websites

Field guides
Although there are not yet too many options regarding field guides for this part of South America, some very good works have been made and among them we thoroughly recommend the following ones:

- Birds of Argentina & Uruguay: a field guide total edition. Tito Narosky y Darío Yzurieta. Buenos Aires : Vázquez Mazzini Editores, 2010.
This is so far the best available field guide to the birds of Argentina, and this “total edition” is bilingual (English and Spanish), distribution maps are placed in the same page of the plates and written descriptions and includes drawings and photographs for each species, a DVD with sound recordings of almost all Argentine birds, a checklist and a carry on plastic bag. Very recommended, it can be booked with us with a special discount as a complement for your chosen Birding Buenos Aires tour.
Link of the book in Amazon for more information: here

- Birds of South America - Non passerines (from Rheas to Woodpeckers). F. Erize, J.R. Rodríguez Mata and M. Rumboll. Collins Field Guides, 2006.
A very complete and pocket sized field guides that works very well for all South American non passerines, including Argentina’s. With very good drawings and resumed description texts, it is a good identification tool for your birding trip.
In Amazon (same book by a different publisher, “Princeton Illustrated Checklists”): here

- Field guide to the Songbirds of South America - The Passerines. Robert S. Ridgely and Guy Tudor. University of Texas Press, 2009.
A tremendous and very accurate identification tool, although it size may not let you take it to the field (but still it’s a very good consultation book to keep at home). Excellent drawings and very complete texts, it works for all South America and it’s the best complement for the “Birds of South America - Non passerines” from Erize et al.
In Amazon: here

Following are three websites that, among many others, can be very helpful for your southern South American birding journey:

- South American Classification Committee (SACC)

In Birding Buenos Aires we follow this committee classification criteria.

- Ecoregistros, Community Ecological Records

This is a very useful website where you can find many good photographs and distribution information of almost all Argentine birds and others (including mammals, reptiles and more). You can upload your own records and create your birding trip checklists.

- Xeno-canto, Sharing bird sounds from around the world

Excellent website and very useful tool, with bird song recordings from all over the world, including Argentina.